We start to find more and more news about the newest micro-architecture from AMD. The last news are about the AMD presentation from CES 2020, were, the CEO AMD, will formally unveil its next-generation “AMD Zen 3” CPU micro-architecture.

AMD Zen 3
AMD Zen 3

AMD CEO Dr Lisa Su, will head an address revealing three key client-segment products under the new 4th generation Ryzen processor family, and the company’s 3rd generation EPYC enterprise processor family based on the “Milan” MCM that succeeds “Rome.” AMD is keen on developing an HEDT version of “Milan” for the 4th generation Ryzen Threadripper family, codenamed “Genesis Peak.”

There will be 2 big family of CPU that will lunch at the end of 2020, and the name are “Vermeer” and “Renoir”. The “Vermeer” processor is a client-desktop MCM that succeeds “Matisse,” and will implement “AMD Zen 3” chiplets. “Renoir,” on the other hand, is expected to be a monolithic APU that combines “Zen 2” CPU cores with an iGPU based on the “Vega” graphics architecture, with updated display- and multimedia-engines from “Navi.”

AMD stated that “Zen 3” will build on the new 7 nm EUV silicon fabrication process at TSMC and will have a IPC increases in line with a new microarchitecture.

Read more about the AMD presentation at CES 2020 HERE.

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