Best coronavirus devices

Best coronavirus devices

Now that the virus spread all around the world, we see more and more people searching for solutions to help the infected ones.

Here the best coronavirus devices that are promoted online at the moment that I write this article.

Coronavirus devices are in high demand during this period, and many are trying to build them at home whit normal accessories and original design.

Best coronavirus devices

How its work?

In severe cases of corona virus, patients sometimes develop a lung condition, whereby the lungs cannot provide the body’s vital organs with enough oxygen and they need the help of a ventilator to stay alive. Ventilators work by taking over the work of the lungs and keeping oxygen pumping around the body.

But, with the rapid increase in patients needing ventilators due to corona virus, there is a concern that there won’t be enough.

And so The UK Government have asked for support in the design and supply of ventilators. One group of researchers answering that call is an interdisciplinary team of engineers and medics from King’s College London and The University of Oxford.

We spoke to Dr Federico Formenti, senior Lecturer in Human Physiology, and lead academic along with Professor Sebastien Ourselin from King’s College London.

Our proposal is to produce a ventilator, which is first of all safe, it is simple in terms of its design and operation and also obviously, it can be produced in a large scale in a short period of time.

The key aspect of our proposal is that it’s based on a very constructive collaboration with several different individuals, with different expertise. Key first of all is the clinical component of the team, that informs the engineering component of the team of the clinical requirements and via an iterative approach we agreed a prototype.

In terms of the timescale, we are looking at producing these ventilators in the coming weeks in thousands and perhaps in this sense, another interesting aspect is that we’re looking at something that costs surely less than £1000 per unit, very simple to assemble and hence meets most of the criteria which are required in the current context.

What the video here [VIDEO] : Making ventilation for Corona virus patients

See the best coronavirus devices videos and demonstrations in all the world :

Private companies in UK

British home appliances firm Gtech, which specialises in making vacuum cleaners, has made a prototype of a medical ventilator which founder Nick Grey says can be scaled to mass production within weeks. Made largely from off-the-shelf parts, the ventilator runs on compressed air and can be assembled with a simple production line.

Nick Grey [VIDEO] : Home appliance firm makes ventilator

In Belgium

Based on research carried out in Italy, the Erasme hospital in Brussels has developed a device which transforms a Decathlon snorkelling mask into an emergency ventilator for patients suffering with COVID-19, to help mitigate any shortage of ventilators during the peak of the corona virus pandemic.

Belgium [VIDEO]: Belgian hospital convert masks


In Canada, a team of engineers, made a prototype in a sort period of time and say that they can produce one million in around 2 months.

Canadian prototype [VIDEO] : New ventilators


In SUA there are some interesting invention that going on. One of this is the Macgyvilator Mk 1 disaster “ventilator”, that is build from normal staff and it work. The inventor tell us about his invention and why he made it :

I’ve been dismayed at the US’s current state of readiness with regard to ventilators, and I’ve been horrified by the stories coming from other places ahead of the US on the COVID-19 curve.

At the same time, I’ve been heartened by the work I’ve read elsewhere about 3D-printed ventilators and the like. This is my effort to contribute to the corpus, but this time designing (and building) something that doesn’t require a 3D printer, machine shop, and/or programming a controller board. This is meant to be a discussion starter; concerns and suggestions welcome!

Let’s make this simpler/cheaper/more robust/better. If you have access to a PFT machine and can help me get flow-volume loops and such, please contact me! Happy to supply a parts list and/or assembly instructions to anyone who wants it.

Macgyvilator Mk 1 [VIDEO] : Macgyvilator Mk 1 disaster “ventilator”

This is all over the world and people come whit a lot of inventions and ideas. But the bad part is that they have to do this and protect them self because they never face this type of situation.


The cases whit the people infected are growing and we have to do something. People start to do different devices all around the world to be ready for the situation. They come whit so unique ideas and may be some of them will save some other people.

I will comeback whit more news about the latest devices and how were there used in the fight whit the virus.

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