GoPro Hero 8 Black

GoPro Hero 8 Black

 GoPro Hero 8 Black was lunched in 01/10/2019 and come whit some new features and a more compact format compared to the previous models .

  The new design is more compact and has the support mount  integrate in. This will provide a more stable mount and you don’t to bye special case whit mount options for it.

 For the time I write this text there aren’t much option to for accessories but I find that some shops sell the camera whit some accessories included for a higher price.

 In the photo down you can see a pack whit all the accessories that are available now.

GoPro Hero 8 Black


GoPro Hero 8 Black come whit new staff on the side of the software where you can find a new version of Hyper Smooth 2.0 , Time Warp 2.0, Live Burst, Super Photo + HDR, Night Laps Video,  Live streaming in 1080p,  RAW in all formats,  Pro Quality 4K 60fps,  100 Mb rate, Short clip… and more.


On the hardware side, the new GoPro Hero 8 Black, come whit a more compact form, a new lent, 3 microphones integrated in and a better battery support.


  On the connectivity side, the new model, has Wi-Fi + Bluetooth, GPS Enabled, Connects to GoPro App , Auto Offload to Phone, Auto Upload to the Cloud with GoPro PLUS Subscription, Smart Remote Compatible, HDMI Port with Media Mod for HERO8 Black (Sold Separately), USB-C Port.

  The price is listed as 430$ on the official website where you have just the basics staff. You can buy the accessories separate from a different provider like this ACCESSORIES at 36$.


As a conclusion, we find a lot of new staff on this new model. This all new improvements in video recording, supports and menu, make this camera the most desired  from all models and worth the upgrade from an old version.


 If you want to buy a GoPro Hero 8 Black right  now, I recommend you to go for the model whit all accessories included. Being a new model, it will take a will to find available accessories on the market.

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