Osmo pocket video camera

Osmo pocket video camera

I sow Osmo video camera this days and it seem to me that it has a lot of potential for a pocket camera that it is.

Osmo pocket video camera has the smallest 3-axis stabilized handheld ever designed, usable in all condition.

Osmo pocket camera is one of the most finest camera in 2018 for the all features it has and what it can do in such a small format factor.

Osmo pocket camera specification

For such a little camera, it has a lot of features that that make it useful in day by day filming and whit her light weight, can be used by any one.

The best part of this camera is the mechanical stabilization. The 3 axis stabilization gimbal and the new algorithm implemented in the controller of the camera, make it to take clear video whit the objects moving objects.

Osmo pocket video camera
Osmo pocket video camera

Osmo pocket camera has a internal rechargeable battery whit an autonomy of 140 minutes of filming. The good part is that can be recharge whit power bank in a sort time.

Osmo pocket price

At the time that I write this little presentation, the price is around 350 €.

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