Surge protector TLP 1208 TEL TV

Surge protector TLP 1208 TEL TV
Surge protector TLP 1208 TEL TV
Surge protector TLP 1208 TEL TV

Now, this days, there are a lot off problems whit the electric system that is overload some time, or the voltage is not in the right parameters so this is way we need to protect our electronic devices whit gadgets like Surge protector TLP 1208 TEL TV.

IT can protect a good part of the electronics used daily in the house like : TV cable, internet cable and electric cable.

The surge protector TLP 1208 is one of the finest gadget that can be use in the house. Whit it you can protect all the devices in a single room.

The device has some warranty and safe standards and request :


  • DO NOT connect to an under ground outlet.
  • DO NOT use with 2-wire extension cords or adapters.

This surge protector is designed for indoor use only. Install the surge protector away from heat-emitting appliances such as radiators or heat registers. Do not install where excessive moisture is present. Do not plug extension cords into it. Never install electrical, telephone, network or coaxial wiring during a lightning storm. Do not drill into any part of the housing or open the housing for any reason. There are no user-serviceable parts inside.

Use of this equipment in life support applications where failure of this equipment can reasonably be expected to cause the failure of the life support equipment or to significantly affect its safety or effectiveness is not recommended.

The price

It cost : 40 $

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