What is the finest gadget to charge my USB devices in a car?

I was asking myself if I can find a USB charger to put in my car that is capable of charging more the 2 devices, and I find X5 Fast Car Charger from Rapid X.

X5 Fast Car Charger
X5 Fast Car Charger

This charger has up to 5 ports for charge and can charge devices that need up to 2.4 A/h.

X5 Fast Car Charger from Rapid X has a format made from 2 parts : one is in the front where you can connect 2 devices and the second one can go in the back whit 3 USB ports.

The X-5 USB Car Charger delivers lightning fast charging speeds and supports up to 5 devices at once. Its intelligent recognition technology identifies your device, adjusts to its capabilities, and delivers the fastest charge possible. The extended multiple USB charger hub, with its color-accented rubberized finish, offers flexibility for everyone in your car. Simply clip the USB hub extension onto your car seat pocket to enable those in the back to charge their devices, tangle free. This fast car charger is a high efficient USB charger that is part of a new wave of aesthetically clean electronics.

X5 Fast Car Charger
X5 Fast Car Charger

The two priority ports in the front seat deliver a 2-2.4A output depending on how your devices are recognized. After all, not every device supports fast car charging. The other three devices receive 2.0A of output each. We’ve labeled the ports so you’ll know which devices are getting the most power as you complete your drive with car phone charging flexibility and peace of mind. This tangle free fast USB charger will not disappoint!

This fast cell phone charger has a sleek and modern design. With the X-5 fast phone charger, you can spend less time connected to an outlet and more time connecting with people. Efficiency is key – the X-5 car USB charger with fast charge technology will become your everyday necessity!


You can bye this gadget at 25$ from online shops.

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